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My training is grounded in Psychosynthesis, which is part of a growing movement of psychospiritual development approaches.  At its heart lies the understanding that in acknowledging and including our struggles and pain, we open ourselves to more joy and lightness, and find a more integral sense of Self. 


Psychosynthesis was developed by Roberto Assagioli, an Italian psychologist, psychiatrist and philosopher.   He was a colleague of both Freud and Carl Jung, and what set him apart from his contemporaries was his understanding and belief in ‘Self’, the unique essence of each individual and the source of wisdom, guidance and creative expression.  This aspect of our nature can be overlooked when we are busy ‘doing’ or wrapped up in our habitual thinking.  


Psychosynthesis is essentially a psycho-spiritual approach to life, from ‘psyche’ meaning soul, and ‘synthesis’ meaning the inclusion of parts of ourselves which have become disconnected, to form a connected whole.  As well as focussing on what isn’t working in our life, Psychosynthesis focusses also on what is intrinsically right and whole within us, and helps us to cultivate that. 

In bringing together these two approaches, psychospritual work takes what can at first appear to be an unmanageable crisis and provides the key for positive change to emerge. It addresses the fact that our struggles are resonating at the level of our soul, calling us to become the person we are meant to be.  

Psychosynthesis takes into account the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives.  However, you don’t have to consider yourself a ‘spiritual’ person to benefit from it.  It is a psychology of hope, and doesn’t require a belief in any particular doctrine or religion.  


I offer an integrated approach, grounded in Psychosynthesis and drawing on various other methodologies, which helps clients arrive at a place of self-acceptance, self-knowledge and a kindness towards themselves which is capable of healing deep wounds. 

Guided Meditation and Mindfulness


Assagioli developed various meditation practices to enable clients to dis-identify from the contents of their lives and experience ‘calm within the storm’.  This in essence is the aim of any mindfulness technique.  I am able to incorporate guided meditation into our work if this feels appropriate and appeals to you.  I am familiar with and trained in various other research-based methodologies which encourage self acceptance and mindfulness.  I also utilise Byron Katie’s method of self-enquiry; a powerful tool for creating freedom from anxious thoughts and feelings.

"In accepting and working with our brokenness and our fragmentation - we have the means of becoming whole"  


Roberto Assagioli



If there is something specific you would like to change or make manifest, I offer short term, focussed coaching sessions in person and by Skype.  When a specific, goal oriented outcome is sought, using Assagioli’s ‘Act of Will’ and Psychosynthesis coaching methods we will work  with your purpose and values to enable you to take appropriate action from a position of self-belief and confidence.  

Coaching sessions have a separate framework which differs from psychotherapy sessions, and are 90 minutes each at intervals which we would agree - usually monthly.  Please enquire regarding coaching and fees.

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